Think Events has extensive experience in designing and mounting rigging systems, the basis of every successful event. From conferences, seminars, exhibitions or trade shows, corporate events to sporting competitions and outdoor concerts, Think Events offers state-of-the-art equipment for scenography, scene set-up, podiums, screens, light grids, decors and technical support.

Our certified engineers, designers and technicians ensure that the rigging systems are outlined, installed and disassembled in compliance with all applicable national and international safety regulations. Moreover, the metallic structures we use are built on versatile scaffolding to help us adapt to the needs of our customers, regardless of the profile of the event or whether it is organized indoors or outdoors.

Rigging Design

Think Events solutions cover all aspects of scenography projects, from design and technical drawings, needs analysis, establishing an efficient installation schedule, quick mounting and disassembly of metal structures. Moreover, we always believe that the key to a successful event is the initial design of the rigging structures, from stage construction, lights or video experience. That’s why our engineers and designers are qualified to manage the technical needs of any type of event and get involved in every stage of a project, all of our projects relying on open communication, careful planning, close attention to details and safety.
Furthermore, our 10 years of experience in the field has helped us provide advice and support to meet even the most demanding requirements and ensure the success of any project.